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Debut on TV? Milton Berle Show. [1]

1949 01/07

01/07/1949 - [Radio] "Blood on the Moon Caused by Duel in the Sun" [2]

Opening: Taxes. Dave Rose got married Betty. Deadeye courts a heiress. Junior reviews from "The Christmas Tree" play. Goes to do a TV ad.

Music: "Climbing Up the Mountain" Four Knights. "Whispering" Rose.

01/14/1949 - [Radio] "What People Think about Doctors" [2]

Opening: Socialized medicine. Dr. Blowhard (W. C. Fields type) doctor's office. Junior swallowed nuts and bolts.

Music: "Shadrack" Four Knights. "Old Man River" Rose.

1949 01

20) [Radio] The Screen Guild Theater "The Fuller Brush Man"

01/21/1949 - [Radio] "Mr. Lump-Lump Surveys the Opera" [2]

Opening: President Truman parade. Willie goes to the opera. Junior went to his first party alone.

Music: "It's What You Do With What You Got" Four Knights. "Loch Lomond" Rose.

1949 02

11) [Film] Red Skelton wishes to work on film about his life written by Edna Borzage titled "Come Up Smiling". [3]

1949 03
1949 04

[Print] "The Skelton Saga" [4] Radio Mirror Award "Comedy Program"


03) [Radio] Command Performance Host: Linda Darnell [5] Junior lost his Mom.

1949 05

13) [Radio] Last radio show of the season.


16) [Stage] Bond drive in Independence, MO.

1949 06
1949 07

17) Edna Borzage files for divorce. [6] 19) Edna divorced Frank Borzage in Las Vegas. [Film] Announced to be in MGM-Arthur Freed's "How to Win Friends and Influence People". Note: Film not made. [1]

1949 08 08) Railroad Fair in Chicago [7]
1949 09
1949 10 02) First radio show for CBS.
1949 11
1949 12

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