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1951 01

12) Watch the Birdie

1951 02
1951 03
04 04) On set with wife and painting [1]
1951 04

19) Honorary Mayor of Culver City [2]

1951 05

1950 Radio Television Mirror Award "Radio Comedy Program". Note: 4th year winner. [3] Signs contract with Bo Roos. 7 years [4]

06 Radio - Festival of Britian [5]
02) Appendectomy [6][7]&nbsp
19) Europe trip with Gene Fowler[8]
1951 Boarding Airplane with Gus
1951 06

21) Red Skelton bought 4 Jowett Jupiter sport cars for his friends. [9] [10]

26) [Film] Excuse My Dust

27) Visit to Pope Pius XII. 28) Near plane crash [11] [12]

1951 07 02) [Stage] London Palladium
1951 08 16) Airport with wife [13]
09 23) Parade Mag
28) Hollywood Reporter. TV Guide
1951 09

30) Red Skelton Show NBC-TV. NY Morning Telegraph "TV Debut Has Him Jittery".

10 03) Radio Season 11 1951-52
05) [Film] Texas Carnival
16) [Film] Annouced to be in a remake of Sam Harris' "Captain Applejack" Due out 1952. [14]
1951 10

22) [Print] Life "Rubber Face on TV"

1951 11

29) [Stage] Santa Claus Lane [15]

1951 12


Red almost did not make it to TV. Before his season started he went to England to perform at the London Palladium. During this time he took a trip visit the Pope and then to Paris. On the plane trip over the Alps a motor went dead. There was a danger of panic. Red teamed up with his friend Father Edward J. Carney to calm down the people. Father Carney used faith, Red used laughter. Most of the passangers did not know English but Red used his talent of mime to communicate. The pilot was able to control the plane and made a safe landing.

The Red Skelton Show went on the air Sunday, September 30th on NBC. It was a Russel M. Seeds Company production, President Freeman Keyes. The sponsor was Procter & Gamble. Red was managed by the Beverly Management Corporation with Bo Roos as president. John Gaunt was the director and his writers were John Fenton Murray, Ben Freedman, Jack Douglas and Red Skelton. Edna was not included as a TV writer but she still was involved with the radio show. The public got to see "San Fernando Red", "Dead Eye", "Cauliflower McPugg" and "Clem Kadiddlehopper" every week.

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