35473 Marathon Music & Video. (c) 1998 Dastar Corp.

Hosted by Dale Reed

35403 "Lord Beaverhead" & Ed Sullivan TV ep. 01.21 How to Make a Salad, TV ep. 03.21 Deadeye and Indians. Brief bio by host.
35413 Mickey Rooney & Mary McCarthy TV ep. 12.09 Haft a Lawyer is Better Than None, TV ep. 04.19 Trailer Park
35423 Edward Everett Horton & Nancy Walker TV ep. 08.12 Freddie and the Spies, TV ep. 07.17 Beauty Parlor
35433 Jane Mansfield TV ep. 12.21 Advice to the Loveworn
35443 Martha Raye TV ep. 12.15 Of Mouth and Men
35453 Archie Moore TV ep. 14.17 The Seven Year Wretch
35463 Aurey Meadows TV ep. 13.07 Do You Take This Woman For Your Awful Wedded Wife

Note: Host introduces Deadeye episode as "Redeye".

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