Title card Clem


Soddyville [1]

Skunk Hollow [2]

Jobs: Rookie police officer,



Sara Dew (GeGe Pearson) and Clem 1947

TV EpisodesEdit

01.13 1951/12/21 "The Skelton's at Home", 01.14 1951/12/30 "Learn to Dance", 01.21 1952/02/24 "How to Make a Salad", 01.32 05/04/1952 "Live in San Francisco", 01.35 05/25/1952 "The Railroad Station", 02.06 1952/11/02 "Whistle Stop", 02.08 1952/11/16 "GI McPugg", 03.11 1953/11/30 "Flugelmeyers' Secret Formula", 11.19 01/30/1962 "The Many Skeltons in Las Vegas"

Episode GalleryEdit

Daisy JuneEdit

Ma and Pa KaddlehopperEdit


Kathryn Card

09.30 05/24/1960 "Clem and the Beanstalk", 11.08 11/14/1961 - "Clem's Other Clem"


Charles Cantor

11.08 11/14/1961 - "Clem's Other Clem"

  1. Radio ep. 05.04 Christmas Trees
  2. TV ep. 01.32 Live in San Francisco

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