VHS (c) 2001 RS.TV/LS

Wedding night, Monologue (PTA thanks/Parking lot gun shy/Junior), Baseball game, Racetrack, Teleview mania, Drug store, Dr. Clem Kaddlehopper, Lost Patrol, San Fernando Red on Telelvision, Parking and Sparking, Newsstand, Dirty Deadeye, Word is a seed speech.

Volume 1

Biography, Watching a prize fight, Folding Boy, Milk Wagon, Lt. Muscle and Big Jim, Tornado Deadeye, Quiz the Canidate

Volume 2

Junior, Speakers, Corn on the Cob, Junior/Seagulls, Guzzler's Tonic, Clem sells real estate, BBC News, Mechanical Man, What's Cooking, Drug store

Volume 3

Junior/Weepy, See the Moon, Golfer, Telephone Trouble, Bum's Rush, Baseball game, Racetrack, Parking and Sparking, Hospital

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