Dastar Corp./Marathon Music & Video (MM&V)/Timeless Media Group (TMG)

64153 Red Skelton America's Clown Prince (2004)

The Big Trial; The Stagecoach Robbery; He Made Good in the City; Willie and the Burglar; Marooned; Quiz Show Winner; Clean Fighter; One Good Intern Deserves Another; Clean Politics; The Skeltons at Home

65475 Red Skelton America's Clown Prince Funny Man (Green Tin Box collection) (2010)

Let's Talk About Father; Live in San Francisco; Appleby and the Neighbors; The Big Trial; Shore Leave; Extra: Pantomimes

65485 Red Skelton America's Clown Prince Funny Man (Green Tin Box collection) (2010)

Marooned; Fancy Footwork; San Fernando in Alaska; The Stagecoach Robbery; The Hobo's Dilemma; Extra: Red's Movie Trailers

61437-61467 The Red Skelton Show the Early Years 1951-1955

61437 Disc 1: Smokeless Sunday 10/21/51 - Learn to Dance in Ten Easy Lessons of One Hard One 12/30/51. Disc 2: The Bouncer 01/06/52 - How to Eat Corn on the Cob 03/23/52
61447 Disc 3: Willie the Barber 03/30/52 - Let's Talk About Father 06/15/52. Disc 4: Willie Comes Home - Fancy Footwork 12/07/52
61457 Disc 5: The Sultan 12/14/52 - McPugg's Last Fight 09/22/53. Disc 6: The Nervous Tenor's Audition 10/13/53 - It Happened At the Station House 12/15/53
61467 Disc 7: Skeltons At Christmas 12/22/53 - Captain Hook 02/16/54. Disc 8: Cave-Man Marriage 02/23/54 - Clem Goes to Mexico 05/25/54
61477 Disc 9: Mississippi Showboat 06/01/54 - An USO Thanksgiving 11/23/54. Disc 10: Chicago Red in Las Vegas 11/30/54 - Red Goes to Barber College 02/08/55
61487 Disc 11: America's Clown: An Intimate Biography of Red Skelton; Dress Rehearsal "Deadeye From Mars"; Deadeye From Mars 06/21/53; Look Magazine Movie Awards 03/08/55

Genius Entertainment

55269 AMC (2003)

Disc 1 - Navy MenFreddie Needs a LawyerClem the ArtistGeorge Appleby's GarageClem's OilMr. LasagnaQuiz Show
Disc 2 - Freddie and the SpiesThe South; Cauliflower Goes to Hollywood; Bolivar's Beauty Salon; Trailer Park; The Cop and the Anthem; The Look Awards

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