(Grandmother to Red Skelton)

Parents: John Richardville (1880 age 47, Allison, IL.)

Sister: Lydia Sites (1894: Lee Sipes of Elmore township. 1922: Dawson, MO. 1930: Jonithan, MO) Brother: Charles Richardville (1922: Vincennes, IN) 1859/07/31 - Born: Helen (Ella) Richardville (John-Mary Theriac)

1856 - Born: Ella Richardville?

1878/09/14 - Born: Joseph Elmer Skelton (Father: Newton O. Skelton)

1879/04/18 - Richardville v Skelton. Note: Knox Co. J.H. Mas(f)sey Justice of the Peace

1880 - Home: Lawrence Co., Allison, IL [1] age 18 1880 - Wed Ehart?

1881/07/14 - Son: Christorpher A. Eheart (Father: Joseph A. Eheart)

1892/12/08 - Married: William T. Cochran

1894/04/21 - Cochran robbing freight cars. Note: “Detective and Marshal Cavanaugh robbing B&OSW freight cars between this city and Vinc. On Smoky Row Cochran did time in Joliet”

04/28 - Note: Captured at Vincennes. “Bill Cochran …disreputable unsavory name here”
05/12 - Note: Cochran and Hedges escape

1900 - Note: William Cockran shot stepson Chris Ehart

1901/01/05 - Note: Washington. Squire Kendall’s Court. Bad house fined

01/25 - Note: Cochran captured in Petersburg.
01/26 - Note: Cochran shot stepson. State vs. Bill Cochran. Sentenced to Michigan City prison.
02/02 - Note: Letter to Editor of Democrat from Bill Cochran.

1904 - Home: 314 Lyndale, Vincennes, IN (Cochran, Widow Wm.)

1906 - Home: 111 Lyndale av., Vincennes, IN

1912 - Home: 109 W. Lyndale av. (b 229 W. Sycamore)

1914 - Home: 111 W. Lyndale ave. (Cochran, widow Wm T)

1916 - Home: 1530 Mentor (Cochran, widow Wm T)

1922/01/30 - Died: Ella Cockran, 603 S. 10th St., Vincennes, IN. Age 66 (h: Christopher A. Eheart)

Step-daughter: Juanita Edwards (1922: Brazil, IN). Grave: Mt. Calvary cemetery (Section M, Lot 12)

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