Title card Freddie

Had a shack at 422 Country Club Drive but had to move.

Longest stay in a shack at the City Dump on Paradise Lane (23 Paradise Lane).

In season 20 Freddie's shack was changed. Front door is on the right side with a porch. Was a movie western star Deadeye. [1]

Father: Col. Junglerot Freeloader (Ed Wynn) [2]

Episode GalleryEdit


Allen Jenkins

06.34 06/04/1957 "Freddie the Star"

1961-06-13 Sick

Jack Kirkwood 10.28 06/13/1961 "Freddie Gets Sick"


  1. TV ep. 06.34 Freddie the Star
  2. Half a Loafer is Better Than None

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