08/05/1980 - [Stage] John Ascuaga's Nugget, Sparks, Nevada {Video [1] [2] (edited) [3] (edited)}

Jokes: Elephants, Old Age, Washington D. C. (Carter), Doctors, Hunting dogs, Drunk on 3rd floor, Airport gas, Perfume, Driving, Texas, Highway Patrol, Seagulls, Echo, Combing hair, Sneezing,
Pantomimes: Little Old Man and a door, Little Old Man lighting his pipe, Sewing a button, Drive-in theater, Riding a horse, Guzzler's Gin
  1. (VHS) A Tribute to the Memory of Red Skelton 1913-1997, Don Miller (c) 1999
  2. (DVD) America's Clown Prince (box set #63593), MM&V #63583
  3. (DVD) America’s Clown Prince (box set #63393), MM&V #63383

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