Neptune's Daughter






Esther Williams as Eve Barrett

Ricardo Montalbán as José O'Rourke

Red Skelton as Jack Spratt

Betty Garrett as Betty Barrett

Keenan Wynn as Joe Backett

Mel Blanc as Pancho

Xavier Cugat as himself

A swimsuit designer, Eve Barrett (Esther Williams), is talked into having a fashion show to promote a South American polo team. She must work with the polo team captain, José O'Rourke (Ricardo Montalban). The designer's sister, Betty Barrett (Betty Garrett), thinks that a masseur, Jack Spratt (Red Skelton), is the team captain. The designer thinks that the team captain is dating both her and her sister.

Professional gamblers try to kidnap the team captain so that the polo team will loose the game but they take the masseur instead.


06/09/1949 (New York)



thumb|center|350px"Baby, It's Cold Outside" won a Academy Award for Best Original Song

Note: Betty Garrett died 02/12/2011.

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