Life, 09/25/1964

1973 - Member of Center Art Galleries - Hawaii.

1975: "Freddie's Little Top"

1976: "Above it All";

1981: "Pipe Dream"; "Call Me Clem"; "The Party's Over"; "Freddie's Falcon"; "Dip & Sip";

1982: "Ragtime Freddie"; "On the Road Again"; "Freddie's Big Decision"; "Kitty Ketcher"

1985: "Celebration";

1986: "Ballon Chair"

1987: "The Sky's the Limit" [1]; "Dear Heart";

No Date: "Freddie's P O Box"; "Freddie Kitty & Jack"; "Freddie's Studio"; "Easter Parade"; Portait of Freddie's Dream"

  1. Program

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