1939 - Avalon Time

1941-44 NBC Red network Tuesday (Raleigh)

1945-53 (Raleigh, Tide, Norge, Blue Star Blades)

Guest StaringEdit

1937/08/12 - Rudy Vallee Show.

1941/11/15 - NBC 15th Anniversary.


1942/04/12 - Screen Guild Players "Tight Shoes"

1942/08/02 - Mail Call. Willie talks to spies.

1942/10/24 - Command Performance host Linda Darnell. Red Skelton as Junior.


1943/05/17 - Screen Guild Players "Whistling in Dixie"

1943/06/20 - Paul Whiteman Presents. Deadeye. Note: Orchestra play's Sgt. David Rose's "Holiday for Strings".


1947/07/18 - Guest Star. Junior in a patrol wagon.

1947/12/04 - Kraft Music Hall starring Al Jolson. Clem, Junior visits Jolson.

1947/12/31 - Jimmy Durante Show.


1948/09/03 - Life of Riley. Clem.

1948/09/26 - Surprise Party for Lum and Abner. Clem interviewed by Hedda Hopper.


1950/01/22 - The Jack Benny Program

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