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Raleigh Cigarette Program "Whoosh"
1947/09/09 - 1948/06/01 NBC Tuesday
Host: Red Skelton
Cast: Verna Felton - Junior's Grandmother; Lurene Tuttle; Pat McGeehan
David Rose - Bandleader
Anita Ellis - Singer
Rod O'Connor - Announcer

1947 09/09

"10th Aniversary Show" [1]

Interviews audience, Clem president of Red Skelton fan club.

Highlights of Red's career: Recreates Rudy Valee radio show with Edna(?) trying to cure Willie from drinking, Deadeye from Dallas, 1937 MC March of Dimes FDR's birthday, Edna suggest Junior character.

1947 09/16


Clem; Willie; Jr.


Life of a Fireman

Opening: Red is a drubert. Vol. 3, Ch. 1 "A Listener Complaint" Clem complains that the sponsor's ads effect the air conditioner business. Ch 2. "Life of a Fireman" Willie is still a fireman. Ch. 3 "Three Generations" How to make Jr. behave. Music: "Je Vous Aime", "Manhattan Square Dance"[2]
1947 09/30 Life of a Fireman


Willie; Deadeye; Jr.


The Big Card Game

Opening: Merton of the Movies. Portrait in Eygptian Theatre Hall of Fame. Ch. 4 "Trouble Maker" Willie complains about the sponsor's ad. Ch. 5 "The Big Card Game" Deadeye aganist a card shark. Ch. 3 "Just Plan Bills, expenses that is" Jr. makes a high phone bill. Music: "Ain'tcha Ever Comin' Back", "Brazil".[2]


Numbskull: Deadeye; Jr.

Opening: At the stage show premiere of Variety Girl. High prices. J. Newton Numbskull with Rod O'Connor. Ch. 2 "The Big Card Game" Deadeye meets a card shark. Ch. 3 "You Can't Run Away" Jr. says he will runaway. Music: "Where and When"

Rehearsal [2] (Herbert Marshall in audience)

1947 10/21 Man with a Plan
1947 10/28 The Haircut
1947 11/04 Haircut, the Chapter 2
1947 11/11 Haircut, the Chapter 3
1947 11/18 Honky-Tonk Photographer
1947 11/25 Radio Fanfares
1947 12/02
1947 12/09
1947 12/09
1947 12/16
1947 12/23
1947 12/30
1948 01/06 Peanuts

Was on Jimmy Durante show. USC football game. Dating. Business. Election year.

Song: "So Far" 

Ch. 328 "The Man Who Hated Peanuts" Willie recalls how peanuts ruined his life.

Music: "Penthouse Serenade"

Ch. 329 "Time to Get Up" Junior has a hard time getting up.

[Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 01/13 Careless Drivers

President Truman State of the Union. Election year. Virus X. Horse race track. Photoplay article

Song: "The Man I Love"

Ch. 330 "Careless Drivers" Clem makes perfume for Ma. Drives to town to shop.

Music: "Dance of the Pyramids" First time on the air.

Ch. 331 "Bad Dreams" Junior ask God to bless his friends by name and those that are suffering and not able to have freedom to worship. Junior dreams of items that he broke in the past and tries to fix one.

[Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 01/20 The Man Who Bites His Fingernails

Ch. 1 "Suppressed Desire" Numbskull tries to stop biting his fingernails to get a date.

Song: "Can't Help Loving that Man"

Ch. 334 "Too Late for a Rebate" Junior tries to act like a lady.

(rehearsal 01/18/1948) Script may not be the same as air date.

Truman. Saving gas. Driving.

"Irish Tenor".

[Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 01/27 Willie Lump Lump the Fighter

100th anniversary of discovery of gold in California. Drought.

Song: "They Didn't Believe Me"

Ch. 2 "Willie Lump Lump the Fighter" (Possiible that last week did chapter 1 and not the Numbskull skit.) Willie in a boxing ring. 

Music: "Midnight in Paris"

Ch. 333 "The Piggy Bank" Junior has a empty piggy bank. 

[Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 02/03

The Squabble in the Smog


Song: "But None Like You"

Ch. 334 "The Squabble in the Smog" sequel of "The Duel in the Sun". Deadeye looks for the person that stole his gal, Suzie Belle.

Music: A Cowboy medley  Ch. 2 "The Piggy Bank" Junior question family about missing money in piggy bank.

[Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 02/10

The Squabble in the Smog Chapter Two

Kools cigarettes sponsor. Benifit basketball game Feb 16 Pacific Lodge.

Song: "My Funny Valentine". 

Deadeye's old girl friend tries to stop him finding Three Finger Jack.

Music: "Papa Won't You Dance With Me?"

Ch. 339 "The Painters" Painters work on Junior's room.

[Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 02/17 The Squabble in the Smog Chapter Three

Ch. 344 "We'd Like to Finish Our Job" Painters try to finish Junior's room. (Junior's dog named Nikki).

(rehearsal 02/15/1948)

Virus X. New sponsor. 

Song: "Where or When"

Ch. 2 (should be ch. 3) "The Squabble in the Smog". Deadeye goes after Three Finger Jack. 

Music: "Tico Tico"

Irish Tenor

The Fox when out on a chilly night

[Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 02/24

Junior Gets Into Motion Pictures

Rent control. Earthquake. 

Song: "I never love anyone"

or "The Perils of S. Sylvan Simon" Grandma and Junior try to get a part in "The Fuller Brush Man". 

Music: "The Spirit of 1776"

Guest: S. Sylvan Simon

Brotherhood week. [Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 03/02

The Life of the Party

Trip from Washington D.C.. Train travel. 

Song: "But Beautiful" Ch. 345 Willie leaves a party.

Music: "Saber Dance"

Ch. 400 "I'll make them love me" Junior thinks he not loved and hides in the fireplace.

[Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 03/09

Motion Pictures

Radar speed drivers. Louella Parson diner.

Radio Best article

Song: "For Every Man there is Woman" "Square Table Discussion" Deadeye from Texas complains about western movies. Willie complains about movie popcorn.

Music: "Falling in Love"

"Go Wash Your Dirty Face" Junior won't wash. 

[Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 03/16

Income Taxes

Starving in Russia. Easter dress. Radio Mirrow award. Thanks crew by name. 

Song: "Molly Malone"

"Square Table Discussion" Clem, Willie 

Music: "The Irish Washwoman" 

"Why Do Children Hate to Wash?" Grandma tries to wash Junior

[Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 03/23

Why Men Dislike Women's Clothing Styles


Song: "I Bring You Spring"

Spaure Table. Clem does not like fur coats. Willie does not like women's hats. 

Music: "All the Things You Are"

"The Locked Door" Junior is locked in the bathroom. 

[Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 03/30

Radio Irritations


Song: "You'd be so easy to love"

Square Table. Willie can't stand radio announcers. Clem the Irish Tenor. 

Music: Sting-Copation (new) 

"Junior and the Landlord" Mr. Flanders the landord. Grandma is not suppose to have children. Poem: "If There Were No Children".

[Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 04/06

The Traffic Problem

Buying a house

Song: "I'll Remember April"

Square Table. Clem  Willie.

Music: "I'd be seeing you"

"A House For Sale" Grandma's house is for sale. 

[Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 04/13

Lazy People

Recovery plan. Giving babies numbers. Gardning . 

Song: "Hooray for Love"

Square Table. Deadeye from Texas. Willie

Music: "Cholita Linda" 

"The Apartment Hunters" Junior

National Sunday School Week. Movie Star Parade article [Radio Spirits 46612]

1948 04/20


A place to rest.

Song: "It Began in Havana"

Square Table. Clem. Willie

Music: "Song of the Vagabond"

"A Visit to the Zoo" Mr. Fowler takes Junior to the zoo.

[Radio Spirits 46612]

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