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9:30 Tuesday CBS. Rating 14

1955 09/29 05.01
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Upholding the tradition of previous years, the first new Red Skelton Show of the 1955-56 season was telecast live from New York (Red would return to Hollywood the following week). On this telecast from September 29, 1955, Skelton's guest was fellow variety-show host Ed Sullivan. In an extended comedy sketch, Ed played a Ralph Kramden-like bus driver who had to contend with a clumsy passenger (Red), who in addition to being overburdened with bulky packages was unable to find his wallet.--

Ed Sullivan, David Burns

1955 05.02 Jackie Gleason, Mel Allen
1955 05.03 Nancy Walker. New York tour.
1955 George Raft
1955 05.05 "Cinderfella" Ed Wynn
1955 cinderfella
1955 11/01 05.06 1955/11/01 "Halloween Show" GS: Virginia Grey Note: "Topsy Turvy"
1955-11-01 Halloween
1955 11/08 1955/11/08 Dorothy Lamour. Connie Russell, Jamie Farr
1955 11/15 1955/11/15 Lucille Norman. Clem TV vs. electronic guitar
1955 1122 1955/11/22 Nancy Walker. Fishpeddler's Thanksgiving
1955 11/29

05.09 "The Phantom of the Ballet " Peter Lorre

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Guest star Peter Lorre participates in the evening's main comedy sketch. A spoof of crime shows, the segment features Lorre as a serial killer known as "The Phantom of the Ballet." A novice detective (Red Skelton), determined to capture the killer, goes undercover as a ballet dancer -- and guess what happens next! CBS' color-photography system was seen to good advantage in the climactic dance-concert spoof. This episode aired live on November 29, 1955.
1955-11-29 TV-Phantom Ballet
1955 12/06
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Originally telecast December 6, 1955, this color episode of The Red Skelton Show is highlighted by a lengthy "Western" sketch. Red is once more cast as Deadeye, the stupidest gun in the west. This time, Deadeye faces a showdown with none other than the Lone Ranger -- played by none other than Clayton Moore, mask and all!--

Bill Williams

1955 kit carson
1955 12/13 (See it Now "Grandma Moses") [1]
1955 12/20 05.12 1955/12/20 The Cop and the Anthem
1955-12-20 Cop Anthem
1955 12/27

05.13 Cookie and Zsa Zsa Gabor

Plot Synopsis

by Hal Erickson
Zsa Zsa Gabor appears "live and in color" on this December 27, 1955, Red Skelton Show telecast. Skelton is once again cast as Cookie the Sailor, once again looking for pretty girls while on leave. Falling in love with Zsa Zsa from afar, Cookie realizes that she'd never have anything to do with a penniless gob. Thus, he hires a costume and poses as the Maharajah of Caliphstan (a cute comment on Gabor's predilection for dating international millionaires).
1955-12-27 TV-Cookie Zsa Zsa
1956 01/03 1956/01/03 Billy Gilbert, John Carradine, Jackie Coogan. Old vaudeville.
1956 01/10
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Red Skelton plays his familiar "likable lush" character Willie Lump Lump on this telecast from January 10, 1956. Still a bachelor at 40, Willy is being pressured by his friends to find a wife. Reading a book about Casanova, he dreams that he is the legendary Latin lover. This episode originally aired in color
1956 01/17
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Guest star Basil Rathbone appears in "The Sculpture Show." Rathbone is cast as a celebrated artist who is jealous of the success of a newly discovered surrealistic sculptor. The object of Rathbone's dis-affection is a fellow named Sir Robert -- portrayed by none other than Red Skelton. This program was originally telecast in color on January 17, 1956.
1956 01/24
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
On tonight's "living color" telecast from January 24, 1956, Red appears in his traditional hobo guise as Freddie the Freeloader. Stowing away on an ocean liner bound for England, Freddie is mistaken for an eccentric millionaire, and as such is treated like royalty. Once the truth is revealed, however, it's "Bum Overboard." Genuine Britons Melville Cooper and Reginald Denny, who'd recently appeared with Red in Around the World in 80 Days, also appear in the sketch.
1956 01/31

05.18 Lamb to Lion GS: Jeanne Cagney

1956-01-31 TV-Appleby Jeanne Cagney
1956 02/07 1956/02/07 Cesar Romero "The Election Show"
1956 02/14 1956/02/14 Marvin Kaplan, Sally Forrest. "Valentine's Day double date"
1956 02/21 05.21 Vincent Price "Salesman vs. Mad Scientist"
1956-02-21 TV-Price mad scientist
1956 02/28

05.22 02/28/1956 "Cookie and Snorkel's Bundle of Joy " GS: Alan Hale Jr.

1956-02-28 Cookie Korea
1956 03/06 05.23 1956/03/06 No show listed. Skelton ill. Moved to March 20.
1956 03/13 1956/03/13 {Pre-empted by a special See It Now}
1956 03/20
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Guest stars Charles Coburn and Allen Jenkins join Red Skelton in a "Freddie the Freeloader" sketch. The city goes into an uproar when it is discovered that Freddie's tumbledown shack is blocking construction of a superhighway. The head of the construction firm (Coburn) tries to persuade our hobo hero and his pal Muggsy (Jenkins) to move. This "living color" episode of The Red Skelton Show was originally scheduled to air on March 6, 1956, but was moved to March 20 due to Skelton's illness.
1956 03/27 05.25 1956/03/27 Judy Canova. Clem feud
1956 04/03 05.26 1956/04/03 Keefe Brasselle. Dance marathon
1956-04-03 Walkathon
1956 04/10
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Once again, Red Skelton assumes the identity of mild-mannered George Appleby. This time, George is a delegate to a convention, assigned to select the Convention Queen. His task is complicated by the presence of identical twin contestants, played by real-life twin entertainers Sandra and Sonia Warner. Also featuring Dick Foran, this episode originally aired in color on April 10, 1956.
1956 04/17 05.28 1956/04/17 Paul Coates. Stages of evolution by hypnosis
1956 04/24 05.29 1956/04/24 "Robin Hood"
1956 05/01 05.30 1956/05/01 Elena Verdugo, Fritz Feld
1956 05/06 05.31 1956/05/06 Anne Jeffreys. Clem vs. female spy in bakery
1956 05/15

05.32 05.34 5/15/1956 "Castaways " Cookie GS: Buster Crabbe, Jamie Farr, Jimmy Cross [2] *"Navy Men"

1956-05-15 Desert Island
1956 05/22 05.33 1956/05/22 Allen Jenkins. Freddie stock wizard
1956 05/29 05.34 1956/05/29 "Public Pigeon " ZaSu Pitts. Rusty life insurance
1956-05-29 TV pigeon Zasu Pitts
1956 06/05 05.35 1956/06/05 "Captain Kidd" Billy Gilbert, John Carradine, Sterling Holloway
1956 06/12 05.36 1956/06/12 Marie Windsor, Nancy Kulp, Maxine Gates. Factory worker company picnic.
1956 06/19

05.37 1956/06/19

Plot Synopsis

by Hal Erickson

Former film star Anna Sten is Red Skelton's guest in his final telecast of the 1955-56 TV season. Once again, Red plays country boy Clem Kadiddlehopper, who on this occasion has stumbled upon a formula for growing giant fruits and vegetables. Appointed minister of agriculture by the Queen of Livonia (Sten), Clem finds himself in the middle of a revolution. Roland Winters and Henry Kulky also appear in this filmed episode, which originally aired June 16, 1956, and was rebroadcast on June 9, 1959.

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  2. DVD AMC #55269

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