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CBS Tuesday 9:00. Rating 6

CBS. Skelton Studios. Sursum Corporation

Cast: Stanley Adams; Emmaline Henry; Maudie Prickett 

Producer: Cecil Barker

Director: Seymour Berns

Writer: Ed Simmons; Dave O'Brien; Martin A. Ragaway; Arthur Phillips; Red Skelton

Episode Video
1961 09/26

11.01 1961/09/26

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

On September 26, 1961, Red Skelton began his 11th year on television in a new Tuesday-night timeslot: 9:00 PM EST instead of his customary 9:30 (which was now occupied by a filmed sitcom, Ichabod and Me. Red's guest for his opening program was Jayne Mansfield, who appeared in the comedy sketch "Will Success Spoil Clem Kadiddlehopper?" The plot: Clem (Red) wins a raffle, the first prize of which is a kiss from a buxom movie queen (Jayne). Alas, Clem is too shy to collect, so Jayne is forced to turn on the charm-and she does! Also appearing are several recent Miss USA contestants, every bit as attractive (if not quite so well developed) as Ms. Mansfield.

1961 11.02 GS: Eve Arden
1961 11.03 GS: Jay North, Jackie Coogan, Eve Brent
1961 10/17

11.04 10/17/1961 - "Deadeye and the Gunslinger "

1961-10-17 Gunslinger
1961 10/24 11.05

[TV] GS: Bobby Rydell

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Singer Bobby Rydell makes another amusing Red Skelton Show appearance on this broadcast from October 24, 1961. This time, Bobby plays a young naif who is talked into buying a piece of washed-up prizefighter Cauliflower McPugg (Red). Somewhere along the way, Rydell not only gets to sing, but also offers his stunningly accurate impersonation of Skelton's rubeish "alter ego" Clem Kadiddlehopper.

1961 10/31 11.06 10/31/1961 "Freddie's Romance " GS: Rhonda Fleming - Phillys
1961-10-31 Freddie&#039;s Romance
1961 11/07 11.07 GS: Audrey Meadows, George Neise, Isabel Randolph
1961 11/14 11.08 11/14/1961 - "Clem's Other Clem " GS: Hans Conried - Lawrence Van Clive, 

Rosemary DeCamp - Ablegale

1961-11-14 Other Clem
1961 11/21 11.09
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Two of America's greatest clowns-Red Skelton and Ed Wynn-were teamed on this Thanksgiving show, which first aired November 21, 1961. In the comedy sketch "Once Upon a Turkey," hoboes Freddie the Freeloader (Red) and Muggsy (Ed) arrive at their favorite skid-row mission just in time to be late for a turkey dinner. They then scheme to steal a meal, but are dissuaded by the plight of a starving orphan. Though contemporary TV listings insisted that this was a "dramatic" episode, the humorous tone is set early on when Skelton and Wynn are prevented from entering the mission door by a sign reading "Th-Th-Th-That's All, Folks!"

1961 11/28 11.10 "The Great Brain Robbery" GS: Marie Windsor, John Carradine
1961 12/05 11.11 12/05/1961 "Mr. K Goes to College " Cast: Ernest Truex - Dean Whitney (not Hardwycke), Ronnie Burns, Harry Ellerbe - Pomerantz, Jamie Farr
1961-12-05 College
1961 12/12 11.12
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Red Skelton's guests on this episode from December 12, 1961 are Gunsmoke costar Amanda Blake and former Phil Silvers Show regular Maurice Gosfield (aka "Doberman"). In a "San Fernando Red" sketch, con artists San Fernando (Skelton) and Ruby (Amanda) are selling phony deeds for tropical islands. A self-made millionaire (Gosfield) is one of their suckers-and he wants to see what he's purchased.
1961 12/19 11.13 "Freddie and the Yuletide Doll"
1961-12-19 Yuletide
1961 12/26

11.14 12/26/1961 "Appleby's Office Party"

1962 01/02 11.15
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Dick Foran and Phyllis Avery join Red Skelton in the comedy sketch "Nothing But the Tooth." Hillbilly Clem Kadiddlehopper is hired to give a public testimonial for the breakfast food manufactured by Mr. Crankie (Foran). Unfortunately, Clem is suddenly stricken with a toothache, and his career as a commercial spokesman may be over before it even begins. Phyllis Avery plays Elaine in this episode from January 2, 1962.
1962 01/09 11.16
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Two of Red Skelton's most frequent guest stars, Jackie Coogan and Edward Everett Horton, appear in this episode from January 9, 1962. In a "Freddie the Freeloader" sketch, hoboes Freddie and Muggsy arrive in Palm Springs, hoping to collect their unemployment insurance. There is, however, one little technicality: Freddie has never beenemployed. His efforts to remedy this situation by going to work consume the rest of the half hour
1962 01/16 11.17
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Tonight's comedy sketch is titled "Appleby's Anniversary." Newly employed at Warwick's Jewelry store, George Appleby celebrates by bringing home a ring as an anniversary present for wife Clara (Virginia Grey). Alas, George has made a boo-boo; the inexpensive bauble he purchased for Clara is still back at the store, while the ring she presently wears on her finger contains a valuable and priceless gem! Best bit: An injured George trying to suppressing his howls of pain by shouting into a paper bag. This episode aired January 16, 1962.
1962 01/23 11.18
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
On this telecast from January 23, 1962, Li'l Abner star Leslie Parrish appears with Red Skelton in the comedy sketch "Clem and the Kadiddlehopper Hop." Mountain gal Daisy June (Leslie) teaches her boyfrined Clem how to dance the Twist. They then enter a dance contest, little realizing that Clem's pet termites have come along for the ride. By the end of the contest, the joint is reallyjumping!
1962 01/30

11.19 01/30/1962 - "The Many Skeltons in Las Vegas "

1962-01-30 Vegas
1962 02/06

1962/02/06 [Fonda and the Family]

1962 02/13 11.20
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Veteran burlesque and nightclub comedian Joey Faye is Red Skelton's guest on this episode from February 13, 1962. In the comedy sketch "Freddie the Landlord," hoboes Freddie the Freeloader (Red) and Muggsy (Joey) try to raise money for their annual winter trip to Florida. As a means of accumulating a lot of cash in a hurry, Freddie begins renting out his shack in the City Dump. Not surprisingly, things don't quite go according to plan.

1962 02/20 11.21 "The Iceman Goeth " GS: Vivian Vance - Clara
1962-02-20 Iceman Goeth
1962 02/27 11.22 "Calling Dr. Kadiddlehopper"

GS: Charles Ruggles

Cast: Elvia Allman - Maw Kadiddlehopper

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

The main comedy sketch on this episode from February 27, 1962 is titled "Calling Dr. Kadiddlehopper." The story opens at Major General Hospital, where chief surgeon Dr. Wilcox (Charles Ruggles) is under pressure to collect all overdues bills lest the hospital be demolished. Wilcox's first stop: The farm of Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red Skelton), who has been delinquent in his payments for 35 years-ever since Clem was born!

1962 03/06 11.23 03/06/1962 - "Appleby's Bearded Boarder " Cast: John Carradine- Abdul, Marie Windsor - Clara
1962-03-06 Bearded
1962 03/13 11.24 03/13/1962 "The Nine Lives of Freddie " GS: Warner Anderson
1962-03-13 Nine Lives
1962 03/20
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Dorothy Provine, then the star of TV's The Roaring 20s, is Red Skelton's guest star. In the comedy sketch "Bride of Bolivar", much-married movie queen Piper Novak (Dorothy) throws a fit when she learns that her biggest Hollywood rival has matched her record of 23 husbands. There is only one solution: Piper must wed husband #24, then arrange for a quickie divorce. Unfortunately, her groom-of-convenience is opportunistic handyman Bolivar Shagnasty (Skelton)--and he refuses to leave the comfort of Piper's Beverly Hills mansion. This episode aired March 20, 1962.

1962 03/27 1962/03/27 Repeat of episode 09.31 but McPugg part was edited due the death of boxer Benny "Kid" Paret.

{Video [2] [3] [4]}

1962-03-26 Many Skeltons
1962 04/10 11.26 04/10/1962 "Clem and the Dalton Girls " GS: Jayne Meadows
1962-04-09 Dalton Girls
1962 04/17


Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Red Skelton presents a rare all-pantomime edition of his popular CBS TV series on this telecast from April 17, 1962. Skelton plays resourceful vagabone Freddie the Freeloader, who spends virtually the entire program looking for breakfast. Also appearing are Roy Jenson and Bob Duggan as policemen at odds with Freddie, and Ruthie Robinson as The Girl.

Cast: LaWana Backer - Woman [5]

1962 04/24 11.28 04/24/1962 - "How to Think Up a Television Title Without Being Sued " GS: Keenan Wynn
1962-04-24 How to
1962 05/01 1962/05/01 [repeat 1960/03/15]
1962 05/08 11.29 05/08/1962 - "Rock on the Wild Side" GS: Helen O'Connell - Upper berth passanger.
1962-05-08 Rock
1962 05/15 11.30 05/15/1962 - "Go Van Gogh " Pat Carroll - Clara
1962-05-15 Van Gogh
1962 05/22 11.31 05/22/1962 - "Best Man Blues "Opening: Vacation, Last Resort, Elizabeth Taylor, End credits.Dance number: "Jeepers, Creepers" "Charleston"Cast:Dick Foran - Howard SnyderMaria Palmer - Goo Goo

Howard Snyder, millionaire, remembers is promise to have Freddie as his best man at his wedding. The rich family want to get ride of him. Note:

Frederick K. Freelaoder childhood friend to Howard, 35 years ago.

Spoofing the Gabor sisters. Video [6] [7]

1962-05-22 Best Man
1962 05/29 11.32 5/29/1962 "This Goon for Hire[8] GS: Sebastian Cabot. 
1962-05-29 Hire
1962 06/05 1962/06/05 [repeat 1961/04/11]
1962 06/12 11.33
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Tonight's comedy sketch is "Freddie and the Daily Freeloader." It all begins when hoboes Freddie the Freeloader and Muggsy decide to go into the newspaper business. When the boys decide to use their rag to attack the current political administration, Boss O'Bigg (guest star Mickey Rooney) tries to buy Freddie off. This episode was first shown on June 12, 1962.
1962 06/19 1962/06/19 [repeat 1961/10/17]
1962 06/26

11.34 06/26/1962 - "Cauliflower Loses His Birds " GS: Vincent Price - Mr. Gould

1962-06-26 Birds
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