The Red Skelton Hour Season 12
Red Skelton star


1962 - 1963 CBS


Cecil Barker


Seymour Berns


Ed Simmons (Script Supervisor)
Dave O'Brien
Martin A. Ragaway
Arthur Phillips
Hugh Wedlock
Red Skelton


David Rose
Jack Lloyd (Special Material)
Modernairs with Paula Kelly


Tom Hansen

Executive Producer

Guy Della Cioppa (Van Bernard Productions)

TV Season 11 1961-62 > < TV Season 13 1963-64

CBS Tuesday 8:30. Rating 2

The show becomes the Red Skelton Hour.

Format: Starts with a cold opening. Guest stars are introduced with head shots with dance number by the Tom Hansen dancers. Red tells jokes, mime or characters. A 3 act story featuring a main character. Musical number featuring guest star or guest singer. Silent Spot.

1962 09/25

12.01 09/25/1962 The Red Skelton Hour "Appleby's Guarding Angel" GS: Harpo Marx

1962 10/02

12.02 10/02/1962 “Greatest Schmo on Earth

1962-10-02 Schmo
1962 10/09 12.03 Ray Bolger, Brenda Lee
1962 10/16 .04 Kay Starr, Jackie Coogan
1962 10/23

12.05 10/23/1962 “One Good Intern Deserves Another ” GS: George Gobel, Karen Morrow (introducing),

1962-10-23 Intern
1962 10/30 12.06 10/30/1962 "Rupert the Stupert"GS: Charles Ruggles - King Marvin, Jane Powell - Princess Jane
1962-10-30 Rupert
1962 11/06 {election}
1962 11/13 .07
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Red Skelton's guests in this episode from November 13, 1962 are actor Cesar Romero and singer Jo Stafford. In the comedy sketch "Dial P for Plumber," Clara Appleby (Jo) orders her husband George (Red) to plug a leak in the basement; he makes such a mess of things that the Applebys are forced to call in a very expensive plumber (Cesar). In a classic edition of "The Silent Spot," Red plays a tympanist in a symphony orchestra. Musical highlights include Jo Stafford's versions of "Memphis Blues", "You Belong to Me" and "Lullaby".

1962 11/20

12.08 11/20/1962 "Ten Baby Fingers and Twelve Baby Toes " Junior GS: Janis Paige

1962-11-20 Ten Baby Toes
1962 11/27 .09 Cyril Ritchard, Joannie Sommers
1962 12/04 .10 Audrey Meadows, Bobby Rydell
1962 12/11 .11 Rosemary Clooney
1962 12/18

12.12 12/18/1962 "How the West Was Lost " GS: Gordon McRae, Sheila McRae 

1962-12-18 West Lost
1962 12/25

12.13 12/25/1962 "Freddie and the Yuletide Doll" Guest Star: Cara Williams, Roberta Lubell, The Mitchell Boys Choir Teaser: Gift from NBC

1961-12-19 Yuletide
1963 01/01

12.14 01/01/1963 - "Of Mouth and Men " Forsooth GS: Martha Raye

1963-01-01 Mouth
1963 01/08 .15
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Eve Arden costars with Red Skelton in the comedy sketch "Where There's a Will, There's a Wife." Once again, Red is cast as henpecked George Appleby, while Eve portrays George's witchy wife. When the neighborhood milkman inherits some money, his wife treats him like a king. Impressed by this, George tells Clara that he's fallen heir to a fortune-a little white lie which mushrooms into a major disaster. In the Silent Spot, Red plays a harried business tycoon. This episode aired January 8, 1963.

1963 01/15 .16
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Oscar-winning Japanese actress Miyoshi Umeki is Red Skelton's guest on this episode from January 15, 1963. In the comedy sketch "Have Rickshaw-Will Travel," Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) can't understand why his pumpkins are making noises-until he opens one up, and out pops an oriental refugee (Miyoshi). In the Silent Spot, Jules Munshin plays a mad scientist, with Skelton as his newly-created monster. As a bonus, Miyoshi Umecki sings "Glocca Morra"-and, thankfully, no one laughs when she pronounces it "Grocca Morra".
1963 01/22 .17
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
The husband-wife team of Phil Harris and Alice Faye appear with Red Skelton in the comedy sketch "Children Should Be Seen But Not Had." Red plays Junior Cavendish, aka The Mean Widdle Kid, who has driven his father (Phil) to drink and his mother (Alice) halfway to the booby hatch. Typical gags include Junior pouring water in his mother's ears, and tricking her into revealing her "previous life" as a stripper. In the musical segment, Harris sings "Old Man Time" and Faye does a medley of "Let's Go Slumming" (a song she introduced in the 1937 film On the Avenue), "After the Ball is Over" and "Crusing Down the River". And in the Silent Spot, Red introduces his classic pantomime routine about courtship rituals in the 1890s. This episode aired January 22, 1963.
1963 01/29

12.18 01/29/1963 "Haft a Lawyer is Better Than None " Freddie GS: Mickey Rooney - Perry Masonjar; Paris Sisters [1] "Freddie Needs a Lawyer" 1st 1/2

1963-01-29 Hafe a Lawyer
1963 02/05 .19 02/05/1963 George Gobel, Jana Lund, Frankie Darro
1963 02/12 .20 02/12/1963 Cesar Romero, the Kessler Twins (Alice and Ellen)
1963 02/19

12.21 02/19/1963 "Advice to the Loveworn " Appleby GS: Jayne Mansfield, Virginia Grey, the Lettermen

1963-02-19 Mansfield
1963 02/26 .22 02/26/1963 Stubby Kaye, Robert Strauss
1963 03/05 .23 03/05/1963 Sebastian Cabot, Jerry Lanning
1963 03/12 .24 03/12/1963 Marilyn Maxwell, Jackie Coogan
1963 03/19 03/19/1963 {Judy Garland special}
1963 03/26 .25 03/26/1963 Amanda Blake, Bobby Rydell
1963 04/02 .26 04/02/1963 Ginger Rogers, Robert Strauss
1963 04/09

12.27 04/09/1963 "The Portrait of Dorian Appleby " GS: Janet Blair

1963-04-09 Portrait
1963 04/16 .28
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Wagon Train star Robert Horton shows off his flair for comedy and his musical talents in the April 16, 1963 edition of The Red Skelton Hour. In the comedy sketch "How Green Was My Money," hobo Freddie the Freeloader is investigated by zealous IRS agent Gouger (Horton), who wants to create a "mooch tax." In the musical segment, Horton sings a vast array of Broadway standards, including "Show Me", "This Can't Be Love", "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face", "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" and "There is Nothing Like a Dame." And in the Silent Spot, Red plays a dentist, with diminutive 1930s movie favorite Frankie Darro as his unlucky patient.
1963 04/23 04/23/1963 {repeat 10/30/1962}
1963 04/30 .29
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Pat Carroll and Forrest Tucker are Red Skelton's guests on this telecast from April 30, 1963. In the comedy sketch "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Hate," the bickering Applebys, George (Red) and Clara (Pat), visit a marriage counselor (Tucker). In the course of the sketch, Skelton tosses off several jokes about Pat Carroll's costar status on the TV sitcom The Danny Thomas Show-jokes which, of course, would be lost on audiences of the 21st century. In the Silent Spot, Red plays the long-suffering valet to swinging bachelor Tucker.
1963 05/07 12.30 05/07/1963 "A Midsummer Nut's Dream "GS: Keely Smith
1963-05-07 Nut&#039;s Dream
1963 05/14 .31 05/14/1963 Guest: Mamie Van Doren
1963 05/21 12.32
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Red Skelton's guests on this episode from May 21, 1963 are actress Rhonda Fleming and nightclub comic (and Frank Sinatra crony) Hank Henry. In the comedy sketch "Captains Outrageous," tavernkeeper Forsooth (Red) comes to the rescue when Captain Hook (Hank) kidnaps a red-headed princess (Rhonda). Best bits: A row of beer steins "accidentally" falls to the floor; hiding under a bed, Red gets the worst of it when Rhonda throws a tantrum. In the musical segment, Fleming performs a Gershwin medley: "The Man I Love", "But Not For Me", "Embraceable You" and "I've Got a Crush on You". In the Silent Spot, Red plays a rookie baseball pitcher.
1963 05/28 .33
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Comedian Don Knotts and singer Helen O'Connell appear in Red Skelton's final first-run telecast of the 1962-63 season. In the comedy sketch "Jerk and the Beanstalk", physical fitness guru Horaces Hercules (Don) vows to build up the muscles of meek George Appleby (Red). In addition to playing George's wife Clara, Helen O'Connell sings "I Left My Heart in San Francisco", "Witchcraft" and "The Sweetest Sounds". In the Silent Spot, Red plays an old street sweeper, cleaning up after a carnival. This episode was orginally telecast May 28, 1963.
1963 {repeats - 06/25/1963}
  1. DVD AMC #55269

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