1965 in color
Producer: Seymour Berns. Director: Bill Hobin. Script Supervisor: Bob Schiller, Bob Weiskopf. Writer: Dave O'Brien, Martin A. Ragaway, Arthur Phillips, Larry Rhine, Mort Greene. Special Routine: Robert Orben. Special Musical Material: Jack Lloyd. Associate Producer: Howard A. Quinn. Assitant to the Producer: Bob Hoag. Musical Director: David Rose. Choreographer: Tom Hansen. Vocal Arranger: Alan Copeland. Art Director: Sidney Rushakoff. Assitant to Choreographer: Leona Irwin. Costumes: Frank Novak. Set Decorator: George Gaines. Secretary to the Producer: Gillian Hyde. Production Assitant: Connie Dresselhouse. Secretary to the Writers: Judy Craig.

'Produced by: Van Bernard Productions, Inc. Executive Producer': Guy Della Cioppa

TV Season 14 1964-65 > < TV Season 16 1966-67

CBS Tuesday 8:30. Rating 4

1965/09/14 15.01

Paul Ford, Freddie and the Dreamers

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Red Skelton, who was among the first TV personalities to appear in color on a weekly basis back in the 1950s, only to be forced exclusively into black-and-white telecasts due to a feud between his home network CBS and RCA-controlled NBC, returned to full color with the September 14, 1965 broadcast of The Red Skelton Hour. Joining Red in this first episode of his 15th season were actor Paul Ford and the rock-and-rolling Freddie and the Dreamers. In the main comedy sketch, Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) falls in love with the girl dummy controlled by ventriloquist Quincy Quiverlips (Paul). In the Silent Spot, Red and Sheila Rogers play a married couple returning home from vacation.

15.02 Bobby Darin, Jackie and Gayle

15.03 09/28/1965 "Loafer, Come Back to Me" Mickey Rooney, the U.S. Drum and Bugle Team of Pacific Fleet Force

1965-09-28 Rooster
.04 Patrice Munsel, Peter and Gordon, Cliff Osmond
.05 Bobby Rydell, the New Christy Minstrels
15.06 10/19/1965 Harv Presnell, Reta Shaw
15.07 Johnny Mathis
.08 Audrey Meadows, Douglas Fowley, the Letterman
.09 Bill Dana, Vic Dana, Mary Wickes, Sandra Gould
1965-11-16 Holloway
15.10 Stanley Holloway, the Youngfolk
[Pre-mpted "Tribute to Stan Laurel]
1965-11-25 Morse
15.11 Robert Morse, the Animals ("We Gotta Get Out of This Place", "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"), Doris Singleton
.12 Robert Vaughn, the Doodletown Pipers, Carol Byron
15.13 Tallulah Bankhead, Horst Jankowski
[Repeat 12/22/1964]
15.14 Cesar Romero, the Silkie, Emmaline Henry, Barbara Morrison, Helen Kleeb
1966/01/04 15.16 "When Nuthood Was in Flower" Milton Berle
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Buddy Ebsen of Beverly Hillbillies fame appears with Red Skelton in a "Clem Kadiddlehopper" comedy sketch. At the behest of his Maw and Paw (John Benson, Jan Arvan), backwoodsman Clem (Red) heads to Beverly Hills to visit his newly-rich old chum Jed Clampett (Buddy, naturally). Chanin Hale appears as a secretary, while Reta Shaw portrays Mrs. Gotloot. After a musical interlude courtesy of Jackie and Gayle, Red portrays a drunken magician in The Silent Spot. This episode aired January 11, 1966.
1966/01/18 15.17 "A Concert in Pantomime" GS: Marcel Marceau

15.18 01/25/1966 GS: Vincent Price

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Vincent Price joins Red Skelton in a "George Appleby" comedy sketch. At the insistence of Clara Appleby (Shirley Mitchell), door-to-door psychiatrist Sigmund Fraud (Vincent) treats Clara's husband George (Red), who is convinced that he's turned into a butterfly! Musical guests The Supremes (with Diana Ross) sing "Rockabye Your Baby" and "Mother Dear.". In the Silent Spot, a composer (Red) vainly seeks solitude so he can write his next masterpiece. This episode aired January 25, 1966.
1966-01-25 Price Psy
1966/02/01 15.19 "Down the Old Chisholm Trail with the Old Chiseler " George Gobel
.20 Tina Louise, Roland Winters, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass ("Zorba the Greek", "Mexican Shuffle", "Tijuana Taxi")

15.21 "Half a Loafer is Better Than None" GS: Ed Wynn, Donna Loren

Opening: Airport gas, Valentine's Day, Milkman, Weather, Two Dogs talking

Mime: Karate

Dance: "Love Bug"

Act 1: Freddie is explorer Col. Junglerot Freeloader long lost son.

Celebrates Ed Wynn's 80th birthday early.

Music: "The Way of Love", "Johnny One-Note"

Silent Spot: "The Millionair's Son Goes to Work" A rich son makes a mess in a bakery.

Cast: Bern Hoffman, Buddy Lewis, Irwin Charone, Patrick Campbell


With Ed Wynn, Film Fun

1966-02-15 Wynn

15.22 Stubby Kaye, Muriel Landers, David Sharpe

Rotund comedians Stubby Kaye and Muriel Landers join Red Skelton in an "Arabian Nights" sketch. Red and Stubby play Abou-Boob and Abou-Smart, the owners of Gazundheit Flying Carpet Airlines, while Muriel dons veil and harem pants as Fatima. Stubby then sings a medley of "One of Those Songs", "Comes the Time", "Hoedown".And in Silent Spot, Red and veteran Hollywood stunt coordinator David Sharpe play two elderly neighbors-one male, one female-who despise one another. This episode aired February 22, 1966. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

1966-02-22 Neighbors
1966/03/01 15.23 "The Red Skelton Scrapbook " John Wayne, Melanie Alexander

John Wayne hosts the second annual edition of "The Red Skelton Scrapbook." Like the first edition in 1965, this telecast from March 1, 1966 features Skelton reprising several of his most beloved routines, including "Dunking Doughnuts" and (with Melanie Alexander) his spoof of Michael Fokine's ballet Spectre of the Rose. Other highlights included Red's impersonation of a Gay 90s bachelor, and his portrayal of eternally inebriated Willie Lump Lump in the classic "Upside Down Room" routine (which is also prominently featured in Skelton's 1953 theatrical feature The Clown). by Hal Erickson

[Repeat 11/09/1965]
[Repeat 11/16/1965]
[Pre-empted "Carol + 2"]
.24 Phillis Diller, the Rockin' Berries

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Phyllis Diller trades quips with Red Skelton in this telecast from March 29, 1966. In the comedy sketch "Love at First Fright", the bickering Applebys, George (Red) and Clara (Clara), recall how they first met in college way back in the 1920s. Musical guests The Rockin' Berries sing "Poor Man's Son" and "You're My Girl". In the Silent Spot, Red portrays a timorous burglar.


04/05/1966 - [TV ep. 15.26] "Goodbye Mr. Gyp" San Francisco Red GS: Jackie Coogan - Humphrey T. Humble, the Doodletown Pipers


04/12/1966 - [TV ep. 15.27] "The Bum Who Came in from the Cold" Freddie GS: Nancy Wilson - Dr. Cagey, Jack Kruschen - Dr. Shnorba

.27 Fernando Lamas, Ike Cole
.28 Abbe Lane
.29 Robert Merrill
.30 Jack Jones, Virginia Grey, Hal Smith
04.31 Petula Clark, Romo Vincent

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Singer Petula Clark is Red Skelton's guest in this outing. In the comedy sketch "Stupidity-Italian Style", dimwitted Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) accidentally straightens the Leaning Tower of Pisa, thereby destroying the tourist trade in Italy. Petula appears as a local signorina named Luigi (sic!), while Romo Vincent plays the Major-Domo. In the musical segment, Petula Clark sings her hit tunes "I Know a Place" and "It's the Sign of the Times". And in the Silent Spot: Red plays a klutzy TV repairman. Originally scheduled to air on March 15 1966, this episode was pre-empted by the Gemini VIII space crisis; the show eventually aired on May 17, as the final entry of The Red Skelton Hour's 1965-66 season.

.32 [Repeats through 06/28/1966]

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