Red Skelton Hour


CBS Tuesday 8:30. Rating 2


Seymour Berns
Howard A. Quinn (Associate Producer)
Bob Hoag (Assitant to the Producer)


Bill Hobin


Bob Schiller (Script Supervisor)
Bob Weiskopf (Script Supervisor)
Dave O'Brien
Arthur Phillips
Larry Rhine
Mort Greene
Stan Dreben
Robert Orben (Special Routine)


David Rose
Jack Lloyd (Special Musical Material)
Alan Copeland Singers


Tom Hansen Dancers
Leona Irwin (Assitant to Choreographer)


Marlboro 100's

TV Season 15 1965-66 > < TV Season 17 1967-68

CBS Tuesday 8:30. Rating 2

Begins with featured Red Skelton character standing and photos of other characters appearing in spotlight. 

Art Director: Sidney Rushakoff. : . Costumes: Frank Novak. Set Decorator: George Gaines. Secretary to the Producer: Gillian Hyde. Production Assitant: Connie Dresselhouse. Secretary to the Writers: Judy Craig.

Produced by: Van Bernard Productions, Inc. Executive Producer: Guy Della Cioppa

Beginning: Red as the featured character. Images of his other character appear around him when the singers sing "The Red Skelton Hour".


GS: Gig Young, Johnny Rivers

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Guest stars Gig Young and Johnny Rivers helped Red Skelton usher in his 16th TV season on September 13, 1966. In a "Freddie the Freeloader" comedy sketch, a millionaire (Gig) offers old schoolmate Freddie (Red) a job while attending a class reunion. Rivers sings his hit tune "Secret Agent Man" and "The Poor Side of the Street" In the Silent Spot, a nervous groom (Red) prepares for his wedding.

04.02 #0601 09/20/1966 GS: Mickey Rooney, Simon and Garfunkel
04.03 09/27/1966 GS: Nancy Ames, Jackie Coogan
10/04/1966 GS: Godfrey Cambridge, Jackie and Gayle
10/11/1966 GS: Audrey Meadows, Shirley Bassey
10/18/1966 GS: Robert Vaughn, Joyce Jameson, Jay and the Americans
10/25/1966 GS: Polly Bergen
11/01/1966 GS: Frank Gorshin, the Baja Marimba Band
11/08/1966 {election}

16.09 11/15/1966 "Gyp of the Old Block"

11/15/1966 - GS: Tim Conway, Jane Marsh (first-prize winner in the Moscow Tschiakovsky Competition). San Fernando Red

Opening: Hunting. Seagulls, Dogs

Mime: The Dog, the Bird and the Hunter

Music: "To Soon", Opera selections.

San Fernando ends up with a doctor that he has a phony medical diploma.

Silent Spot: "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

Cast: Henry Corden, Naura Hayden, Sally Mills, Ross Ford, Dorothy Neuman

Note: Taped 10/17/1966 [1]

Video [2]

1966-11-15 Conway

16.10 11/22/1966 GS: Jack Jones

16.11 11/29/1966 - "Jerk Be Nimble"

GS: Janet Leigh - Daisy June, Dionne Warwick

Opening: Seagulls, Automoble Show gadgets

Mime: Little Old Man buying a car.

Dance: Liszt

Clem makes a cake that is lighter than air. Spies want to use it to launch a rocket.

Music: "Walk On By", "People"

Silent Spot: "The Pharmacy Burglary"

Script note: Show #0611, VTR #340 10/31, 11/1-2 [3]

Cast: Jan Arvan, James Millhollin, Vitto Scotti, David Sharpe, Florence Lake, Peggy Rea

Note: Janet Leigh appearing in film "Bye Bye Birdie".

{Video [4]}


16.12 12/06/1966 "Better Dead Than Wed " Appleby. GS: Allen Funt, Abbe Lane

1966-12-06 Wed

16.13 #0614 12/13/1966 "The Fastest Cuspidor in the West" GS: Robert Goulet, Deadeye

1966-12-13 Goulet
12/20/1966 GS: Greer Garson, the Recruit Bluejacket Choir from the U.S. Naval Training Center in San Diego

16.15 12/27/1966 GS: Tony Randall, Barbara Hewitt

Tony Randall plays a dual role in the main comedy sketch on this episode from December 27, 1966. Red Skelton is cast as hapless medieval servant Forsooth, who after many years' service to the Duke de Fromage (Tony) is handed over to the Duke's wastrel son (also Tony). Randall also performs a song-and-dance to the tune of "Winchester Cathedral". In the Silent Spot, Red tries to purchase the very first Rose Bowl ticket. Barbara Hewitt, the 1966 Tournament of Roses queen, makes a courtesy appearance. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

(Tony Randall number) (Dance number)

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
A decidedly pre-"Columbo" Peter Falk is Red Skelton's guest in this broadcast from January 3, 1967. In a "Clem Kadiddlehopper" comedy sketch, Colonel Hush-Hush (Peter) of the Pentagon tries to prevent Clem from fouling up a top-secret military project. Singer Jane Morgan peforms "Monday Monday" and "Queen of the House".
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

This episode from January 10, 1967 relies heavily upon the audience's familiarity with the CBS sitcom Hogan's Heroes. In the main comedy sketch, Freddie the Freeloader (Red Skelton) parachutes into Germany during WW2. He ends up at Stalag 13, where he meets Col. Hogan (Bob Crane) and Sergeant "I know nothink!" Schultz (John Banner). In the musical segment, Bob Crane shows off his drumming skills with a tympanic rendition of "These Boots are Made for Walking". In the Silent Spot, a nervous suitor (Red) prepares to meet his fiancee's parents.

(Dance) (Bob Crane)

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
In another eclectic casting exercise, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson and Barbara McNair are Red Skelton's guests on this episode from January 17, 1967. Ozzie and Harriet appear in a "San Fernando Red" sketch as Darling and Dearie Lovebird, the winners of a fraudelent contest held by San Fernando (Skelton). Barbara McNair sings "Hi Lili, Hi Lo" and "Walking Happy". In the Silent Spot, a busy bee (Red) tries to elude a spider's web.
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Red Skelton's guests on this episode from January 24, 1967 are actress Eve Arden and singer/impressionist Marilyn Maxwell. In a "George Appleby" comedy sketch, George (Red) and Clara (Eve) check into the Hotel Rest-a-Lot, only to find themselves at the mercy of an indefatigable social director (Marilyn). In the musical segment, Marilyn Michaels sings "You're Gonna Hear From Me" and "Queen of the Nile". In the Silent Spot, Red is cast as an elderly mechanic.
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Tonight's main comedy sketch boldly tackles the issue of planned parenthood-or at least, the convoluted version preached by hayseed Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red Skelton). Merv Griffin plays the owner of a diaper service who is opposed to Clem's campaign on behalf of birth control. After the sketch, Merv sings "I Wanna Say Hello" and "Hello My Baby", while the musical aggregation The Youngfolk perform "Yesterday" and "The Lovin' Seed". In the Silent Spot, Red plays a sailor on leave in Gay Paree. This episode aired January 31, 1967.

16.21 02/07/1967 (Re-elect Deadeye ) GS: Edie Adams

Silent Spot: "Surprise Birthday Party" [5]

02/14/1967 #0621 GS: George Gobel, Chad and Jeremy
02/21/1967 {Andy Griffith special}
16.24 02/28/1967 "Not with My Dump You Don't" GS: Terry-Thomas, Joannie Sommers

03/07/1967 "Parlor, Bedroom and Wrath" GS: Mickey Rooney, Martha Raye

03/14/1967 GS: Cesar Romero, the Serenaders

16.26 03/21/1967 "It's a Treat to Beat a Cheat on the Mississippi Mud " San Fernando GS: Richard Chamberlain 

03/28/1967 GS: Cliff Robertson, Tony Sandler, Ralph Young
16.28 04/04/1967 "Next Time, Try the Brain" GS: Tennessee Ernie Ford 
04/11/1967 {Dick Van Dyke special}
04/18/1967 GS: Fernando Lamas, Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen

16.32 04/25/1967 "Loused in Space" San Fernando GS: Vincent Price, June Lockhart, Matt Monro

Silent Spot: "The Stevedore"

Scrpt note: Show #0630, VTR #360 4/17-18-19 [6]

16.31 05/02/1967 "The Nag and I" GS: Nipsey Russell, Lana Cantrell [1]

05/16/1967 Repeats - 06/27/1967
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