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The Red Skelton Revue


1954 07/21

03.s01 1954/07/21 GS: Liberace, George Liberace, Tony Curtis, Alan Ladd, Egyptian Acrobats, the Amin Brothers, the Sahara Hotel chorus line. Freddie's Birthday.

1954 07/28

03.s02 1954/07/28 GS: Burt Lancaster, Anna Marie Alberghetti, Los Chavales de Espana

1954 08/04

03.s03 1954/08/04 GS: Rosemary Clooney, the Hi Los, Flamingo Hotel dancers

1954 08/11

03.s04 1957/08/11 "Africa's Revenge " GS: Gloria De Haven, the New York City Ballet under direction of George Balanchine, the Mary Kaye Trio. "African Safari"

1954-08-11 Revue
1954 08/18

03.s05 1954/08/18 Note: Johnny Carson host due to Red Skelton accident. [1] GS: Frank Sinatra, Cab Calloway, Georgie Tapps. Slipper Skelton jail break, Freddie's girl-friend Lulu

1954 08/25

03.s06 1954/08/25 GS: Helen Traubel, The Kids from Spain, Los Chavales de Espana. Willie goes to the dentist.

1954 09/01 03.s07 1954/09/01 GS: Ed Wynn, Betty Jones
1954 09/08

03.s08 1954/09/08 "The Tooth, the Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth"

1954-09-08 Peggy Lee
  1. by Nora Ephron, And Now... Here's Johnny!, (c) 1968 Avon Book

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