TV ep. 02.07 Cafe Paree<


GI McPugg

1952-11-16 GI McPugg

11/16/1952 "GI McPugg"

Airdate-Episode 11/18/1951 - [TV ep. 01.08]
Guest Star(s) "The Customer's Always Right" The Modernaires from Club 15
Opening Little Richard, Thank Walter Ames and Chicago Journal American.
Acts Clem selling toothpaste.

Soda fountain drug store.

"G.I. McPugg" (Tide ad)

Willie Lump Lump Private Bloodshot Eye

Note/Video National Education Week. {Video [1] [2]

TV ep. 02.09 Clem and Married Life

  1. (DVD) America’s Clown Prince (box set #63393), MM&V #63373
  2. DVD Timeless #61437

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