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The Big Trial

1951-12 Big Trial
Airdate-Episode 12/09/1951 TV ep. 01.10
Character Deadeye
Guest Star(s) Foy Willing and the Riders of the Purple Sage

Lili St. Cyr. Christmas. Little Richard.

Mime: Slow motion tennis game. People walking down the street.


Act 1: The Big Trial. British trial skit (Tide ad).

Act 2: Deadeye with a gambler.

Cast Lucille Knoch; Gil Perkins; Dick Ryan; Jerome Sheldon; Gene Darrell; Don DeLeo

Last week did walking on stairs. Filming "Lovely to Look At". Lili St. Cyr was arrested 10/18/1951.

Foy Willing and His Orchestra appeared in Texas Carnival.

DVD [1], [2]

TV ep. 01.12 Clean Politics

  1. Timeless #64153
  2. Timeless #61437

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