TV ep. 01.11 The Big Trial <

Title Clean Politics
1951-12-15 Selling x-mass trees
Airdate-Episode 12/15/1951
Character Clem Kiddlehopper
San Fernando Red
Willie Lump Lump
Guest Star(s) Four Knights
Opening Thanking PTA. Palm Springs. Flying. Parking lot shootings. Trying to sell house. Mice (Junior).
Acts Act 1: Clem trying to sell Christmas trees. [1]

Act 2: The Four Knights. Red joins the group at the end.

Act 3: "Clean Politics" San Fernando Red speech. [Tide ad]. * San Fernando without moustache

Act 4: "Willie Lump Lump Expert Christmas Tree Trimer"

Note/Video [2], [3]

> TV ep. 01.13 The Skeltons at Home

  1. Radio_ep._05.04_Christmas_Trees
  2. Red_Skelton_Christmas_in_Color_(Video_release)
  3. (DVD) America’s Clown Prince (box set #63393), MM&V #63373

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