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The Skelton's at Home

1951-12-23 at home

12/23/1951 "Skeltons at Home"

Airdate-Episode 12/23/1951
Guest Star(s) Mr. and Mrs. Gene Fowler (writing "Snozola"), Bo Roos. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Rose (plays a waltz on the piano). Georgia Skelton, Valentina Skelton, Richard Skelton.
Opening Warm up talk. Fly around the block (Willie). Mailing packages. Visit to Santa (Junior). Sliding down banister (Junior). Dog gone (Junior). Lucille Knoch says Merry Christmas. Television Guide Gold Medal award - Comedian of the Year.
Acts "The Skeltons at Home" Shirley Mitchell gets the house ready for guest: Willie Lump Lump. Joke: Who's ear on the floor; Cauliflower McPugg; Clem Mime: Half wit playing with a feather; Deadeye; Boy Choir.
Cast Shirley Mitchell
Note/Video Blooper: Thought warm up was off the air.

TV ep. 01.14 Learn to Dance

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