TV ep. 02.02 Willie Paints a Room

1952-10-12 Stagecoach
Airdate-Episode 12/12/1952
Character Deadeye; Weepy
Guest Star(s)

(Warm-up: Swimming, Seagulls (Elmer/Seamon)) Little Richard

Mime: Eating Ice Cream in a Theater.
Acts Act 1: "The Stagecoach Robbery" Deadeye holds up a stagecoach. (Tide ad)

Act 2: "Chloremycetin I Love You" Weepy is afraid of germ on his girl friend.

Cast Lucille Knoch; Benny Rubin; Ed Penney; Gil Perkins; Mike Ross
Note/Video Third week on TV. [1] [2]

TV ep. 02.04 Calling Dr. Frankenstein


  1. (DVD) Timeless (box set green box), #65485
  2. (DVD) America's Clown Prince (box set yellow box), Timeless #64843

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