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Deadeye From Mars

1953 mars
Airdate-Episode 1953-06-21 02.39
Character Deadeye
Guest Star(s) The Continentals "Wizard of Oz" melody
Opening Cold opening: Drop everything. Esquire article about Texas
Acts Texas Deadeye TV show rehearsal. Tumbleweed cereal. Ratings low. Laso a coat rack. Deadeye becomes a space cowboy. Atomic cereal. Rocket bicycle. *Prop didn't work. 
Cast Lucille Knoch; Carol Hughes; Dick Simmons; Connie Van; Bill Curtis; Dick Ryan; Bob Warren

DVD [1]. Last show of the season. End speech at a train station. Talk about Procter and Gamble and crew. 

Dress rehearsal filmed[1]

Deadeye talks about Esquire's article about Texas. Tumbeweed Cereal commercial. Ratings for Deadeye's show. Trys to laso a coat rack but misses. Space show. Phone prop does not work. Atomic Cereal commercial. Prop rocket bicycle starts early and takes off with Deadeye still on top. 
Willie skit: Willie hids from the police. Mirror does not break. Lines are missed.
Red talks to the audience. Will be on CBS next fall.

TV ep. 03.01 McPugg's Last Fight

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