TV ep. 02.39 Deadeye From Mars

1953 last fight
Airdate-Episode 1953/09/22
Character Freddie; McPugg
Guest Star(s)
Opening People going to bed.
  1. Freddie in the Park
  2. McPugg's Last Fight
Cast Mrs. Jenkins - Marjorie Bennett; Cop - Ray Kellogg; Nursemaid - Kay Riehl; Woman (in Park) - Juney Ellis; Man (in Park) - Hal Smith; Child (in Park) - Frances Karath; Man #1 - Murray Alper; Man #2 - Artie Lewis; Joe - Lennie Bremen; Sammy - James Flavin; Woman (dressing room) - Phyllis Coats; Giggolo - Richard Avonde; Malone - Gene Renyolds; Man - John Vosper
Note/Video [1] [2]

TV ep. 03.02 Clem at the Bank

  1. Red Skelton Televison Show #1-4 1953-54 Season, Indiana Historical Society BV 3830
  2. DVD Timeless 61457

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