TV ep. 03.37 Mississippi Showboat <

Title Freddie Goes to the Cleaners
1954 Freddie cleaners
Airdate-Episode 1954-06-08
Character Freddie
Guest Star(s) Lester Horton Dancers (Carmen de Lavallade); Hy Averback
Opening McCarthy hearings; Little Richard; Seagulls; Servicemen Hitchhikers
Acts Freddie cleans his clothes; Red is an Army investigator for the French Foreign Legion after a female spy.
Cast Liz Slifer; Phil Arnold; Marjorie Bennett; Sy Otis and his Mule
Note/Video [1] [2]

TV ep. 03.39 Dial "B" for Brush

  1. DVD Timeless 61477
  2. InHS BV 3842

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