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Clem the Rookie

1954 rookie
Airdate-Episode 09/21/1954 04.01
Character Clem
Guest Star(s) Diahann Carroll "Why Was I Born", "Love is Sweeping the Country"; Leo Durocher; Earl Wilson
Opening Little Boy and a Preacher.
Acts Clem tries out for the Giants pitcher.
Cast Ciri; Penny Davidson [1]; Harold Stone.
Note/Video From New York. Diahann Carroll appearing in "Carmen Jones". 

RED SKELTON will step into the TV spotlights on Tuesday at 10 p.m. with LEO DUROCHER, EARL WILSON and DIAHANN CARROLL as his guests. This is a fast switch in plans for we were supposed to get the SKELTON show as a week-delayed kinescope instead of same day as the net. Red is currently in New York for two shows and then returns to Hollywood. [2]

  1. Red Skelton Television Show #1-4 1954-55 Season, BV3848 Indiana Historical Society
  2. Long Beach Independent,09/20/1954

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