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He Made Good in the City

1954-11-16 DeHaven
Airdate-Episode 11/16/1954
Guest Star(s) Gloria De Haven Sings: "I Don't Care"
Opening Cold Opening: Dad reads Dick Tracy comic to son.

Opening: Returns from Washington D.C. Mint. Visit to Community Chest leaders in Detroit, Michigan. Marilyn Monroe operation (with Johnny Carson joke), comic book

Acts Act 1: Emerald Jim Brady looks for his son. Red is looking for his father in the big city.
Cast Marge Liszt, Emory Parnell, Mario Silleti, Jacky Boyle, Billy Curtis, Eddie Garr, James Gonzales, Perk Lazelle, Rudy Lee, Oggie Small, Charlotte Sullivan
Note/Video Video [1]

TV ep. 04.10 An USO Thankgiving


  1. (DVD) America's Clown Prince (box set yellow box), Timeless #64843

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