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Chicago Red in Las Vegas

1954 Chicago Red
Airdate-Episode 11-30-1954 04.11
Character Chicago Red
Guest Star(s) Lillian Roth 

Cold opening: Fortune teller.


Acts Red Skelton looks like gambler Chicago Red.
Cast Georgine Darcy; Dean Myles; Billy Bletcher; Jack Boyle; Pat Goldin; Ray Kellogg; George O'Hanlon; Thayer Roberts; Frank Scannell; Gus Schilling

Plot Synopsis

by Hal Erickson

In most of his TV programs for the 1954-55 season, Red Skelton enjoyed nothing more than trying to "break up" his guest stars and throw them off balance. However, he behaved like a perfect gentleman on this installment from November 30, 1954. His guest was singer Lillian Roth, whose tragic descent into alcoholism and triumphant comeback had recently been recounted in her autobiography I'll Cry Tomorrow.Out of respect for Roth's fragile condition, Red reserved the "rough stuff" for himself and the other members of the cast.

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