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Honeymooners Spoof 

1955-01-18 Lorre
Airdate-Episode 01/18/1955 - TV ep. 04/18
Character Himself, Ed Norton type
Guest Star(s) Peter Lorre
Opening Quick joke about getting pencil sharpened by knife that Peter Lorre had.
Acts Act 1: Peter Lorre forces CBS executives to get Red Skelton to be a comedy advisor. Red visits Peter's spooky home.

thumb|300px|rightAct 2: The Jackie Gleason spoof. Redettes dance in grave yard. Peter does a monolog like Jackie Gleason. Ralph (Peter Lorre) celebrates Ed (Red Skelton) wedding aniversary. Closing: Ask viewers to give to the March of Dimes.

Cast Mary Beth Hughes - Peter's wife/Malice [1]; Muriel Landers - Truxcie; Mike Ross; Marian Carr; George Barrows; Ray Kellogg; Jack Boyle; James Gonzales; Beth Carter; Tex Brodus; William Meader; Perk Lazelle; Harry (CBS exec); CBS exec #1; CBS exec #2; Secretary; Charlie/Sam Skeleton; Meridith (Butler Gorilla); Girl with flower in hair; Joe (Peter's writer); Lou (Peter's writer); Cyclops (Peter's writer)
Note/Video Gag: "What a Network!". Peter got even with Jackie Gleason "I got the infomation". DVD [2] [3]

TV ep. 04.19 Trailer Park


  1. Some sources credit Vampira. Vampira is not on the cast list and the Mary Beth Hughes is listed in the cast during the introduction of the skit.
  2. The Red Skelton Show II, Shokus #528
  3. DVD Timeless #61477

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