TV ep. 05.04 >

Title Cinderfella
1955 cinderfella
Airdate-Episode 11/05/1955 - TV ep. 05.05 
Character Cinderfella
Guest Star(s) Ed Wynn - Fairy Godfather
Opening Dance outside of large fairy tale book.

Dogs talking. New Mother Goose books.

Acts Mother Goose is questioned by the police Dragnet style. She confesses that Cinderella was a fella. Cinderfella tries to stop his stepbrothers from kidnapping the Princess.
Cast Dave O'Brien; Randy Stuart; Jan Arvan; Mabel Albertson; Maxine Semon; Byron Keith; Gil Frye
Note/Video Historic Films . Live in full color. 1953 Stan Freberg did a Dragnet spoof on St. George and the Dragon.

TV ep. 05.07

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