Lamb to Lion

1956-01-31 TV-Appleby Jeanne Cagney

1956-01-31 05.18

Character Appleby
Guest Star(s) Jeanne Cagney
Opening Appleby is a bank teller is hypnotizes and ends up robbing the bank.

Joke: A kanaroo enters a bar.

Mime: Resturant people

Cast Donald McBride; Fritz Feld; Sid Tomack; Robert Foulk; Nestor PaivaHelen Kleeb; Marlo Dwyer; Ernest Raboff; Jack Carol; Barry Brooks
Note/Video Parade had article about Red with Milton Berle and Jerry Lewis. 


Jeanne Cagney, the actress/model sister of James Cagney, guest stars on this full-color episode from January 31, 1956. Jeanne is cast as Clara, the eternally nagging wife of henpecked George Appleby (Red Skelton). George's worm finally turns when he is hypnotized into believing that he is a "lion among men" -- while Clara can't understand what has come over her suddenly forceful husband. This sketch would be repeated, with variations, in several future editions of The Red Skelton Show.

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