02/28/1956 - [TV ep. 05.23] Cookie and Snorkel's Bundle of Joy

1956-02-28 Cookie Korea
Guest Star: Alan Hale Jr.
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
In "Cookie in Korea," Red appears as a dimwitted sailor named Cookie. Returning from duty in Korea, Cookie finds he has taken along a "souvenir"-a cute little orphan. Now he must figure out a way to smuggle the kid into America without arousing the suspicions of superior officer Muldoon (Alan Hale Jr.) Singer Connie Haines also appears in this full-color broadcast from February 28, 1956.--

Cast: Jameel Farah - Snorkel, James Burke, Olan Soule, June Foray - Baby cry, Jeanne Williams, Marshall Lyou - Korean orphan

Note: Cookie (1st appearance). Characters from "The Mighty O" created by Bill Brennan.


Jamie Farr & Red Skelton, Timeless #66724

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