TV ep. 05.33 >

Title The Desert Island (Castaways)
1956-05-15 Desert Island
Airdate-Episode 5/15/1956 - TV ep. 05.34
Character Cookie
Guest Star(s) Buster Crabbe
Opening Opening: Navy, Texas
Acts Cookie lands on a island the is filming a movie.
Cast Jamie Farr, Jimmy Cross
Note/Video Video[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

TV ep. 05.35

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  2. (DVD) America's Clown Prince (box set yellow box), Timeless #64843
  3. (VHS) Vault Collection no. 3, RS.TV
  4. (DVD) Red Skelton Show volume one, Critics's Choice CCD 1007
  5. (DVD) AMC, Genius Products #55269

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