TV ep. 07.18 Clem the Bullfigher>


Appleby's Garage

1958-02-18 Garage
Airdate-Episode 02/18/1958 - TV ep. 07.19
Character Appleby
Guest Star(s) Mary Beth Hughes - Clara, Jackie Coogan - Inspector, Franklin Pangborn - Carter

Cold cows, Space program, Driving

Mime: Pretty girl in a service station.
Dance number: "Do that Magic You Do"
Acts Appleby suspects that a customer at his garage is a killer.
Cast Jim Cross - Harry, Joe Vitale - Bartender, John Mitchum - Policeman
Note/Video Live, color. Sponsor: Pet Milk {Video [1] w/ads [2]}

TV ep. 07.20

  1. (DVD) TV Classics Volume four (box set 4 DVD set), Platinum #07199
  2. (DVD) AMC, Genius Products #55269

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