TV ep. 07.34


Bolivar and the Lost Patrol

1958-06-24 TV-Lost Patrol WW II
Airdate-Episode 1958-06-24 ep. 07.35
Character "Bolivar" (In name only. Not the gangster type character.)
Guest Star(s) Lon Chaney Jr.; Sessue Hayakawa

Dance Number: Geisha girls

Jokes: Japanese; Caterpillars

Mime: Drunk in Tokyo 

Acts American and Japanese patrols don't know that the war is over
Cast Lon Chaney Jr. - Sgt. Williams; Sessue Hayakawa - Japanese Officer; George O'Hanlon - US Corporal; Billy Curtis - Midget; Pamela Duncan - WAC Captain; Sam Flint - Col. Tracy; Fuji - Japanese Soldier; Clifford Kawada - Japanese Soldier
Note/Video Last show of the season. Jokes about The Bridge on the River Kwai and Hayakawa Oscar nomination. Chaney's role in Of Mice and Men. 

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