Freddie and Fabian
Season 09, Episode 06, Program 06
1959-11-10 Fabian
Air date 11/10/1959
Character Freddie the Freeloader
Guest Star Fabian
Cast Stanley Adams - Marty
Frank Wilcox - Mr. Wilcox, Royal Record Company "The King of Records"
Jane Eagar - Miss Strohm
Phil Arnold - Vendor
Episode guide

Fabian sings: "Friendly, Friendly World", "Hound-Dog Man"

Opening: Dentist

Mime: Dentist

Plot: Fabian needs a place to escape his fans. He stays at Freddie's shack. Freddie thinks that he has found a unknown singing star. Freddie goes to a record company to make Fabian a star.

Closing: Remembering World War I and Gen. MacArthur. (Next day would be Veteran's Day.)


Fabian (box set 5-pack), Goodtimes #05-08907

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