1960-02-23 20s

02/23/1960 "Roaring 20s"


Opening - Policemen (Uncle was a policeman), Widow looking for husbands grave "Everything is in my name", bar jokes.

Mime - Little old man and little boy new car in the roaring '20s:

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Red Skelton offers his own spin on the popular TV crime series The Untouchables. During the Roaring 20s, dimwitted thug Bolivar Shangasty (Red) mixes up a bathtub full of bootleg beer. The stuff proves so potent that Bolivar is "invited" to join the gang headed by Scarface (Gerald Mohr). Barbara Nichols, who had guest-starred on the two-part Untouchables pilot episode, shows up as a speakeasy singer in this telecast from February 23, 1960

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