1960-05-24 Beanstalk

05/24/1960 "Clem and the Beanstalk"

05/24/1960 - "Clem and the Beanstalk"

Opening: Politian speeches, Fairy Tales.

Mime: Ugly Duckling


Mamie Van Doren - Leona (Sings: "It's the Wrong Song")

Peter Lorre - King Zurim

Jack Albertson - Throckmorton

Kathryn Card - Maw Kadiddlehopper

Joe Gaudio -

Gerald Harrington -

Rod Sterling - Himself (Cameo)


Clem get magic beans that make a beanstalk to Mars. He falls for the daughter of the King. They try to stop the King from destroying the Earth.


NBC peacock.


Video of the rehearsal has been release where the cow relieves herself. 
Blooper - Red Skelton Manure01:48

Blooper - Red Skelton Manure


Video releaseEdit

DVD #64274

Ep. 28 > Season 09 < Ep. 30

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