[TV] "Many Skeltons"Edit

1962-03-26 Many Skeltons

Opening: Ben-Hur, Telephone, Mike Todd, Seagulls (Telephone wire)

Dance number: "Anything Goes"


Marilyn Maxwell - Operator

Monty Margetts - Willie's wife

Plot: Many of Skelton's characters uses an answering service.

Bolivar Shagnasty is a TV repair man that goes to the wrong address. Phone call to remind Willie Lump Lump to pick up his wife but he can't find the phone.


Maxwell sings "It's a Perfect Relationship" for the Broadway musical Bells are Ringing.

Repeated 03/27/1962 but McPugg part was edited due the death of boxer Benny "Kid" Paret.

{Video [1] [2] [3]}

  1. (DVD) American's Clown Prince (box set yellow 3 disc), Timeless #64833
  2. (DVD) America's Clown Prince (box set #63593), MM&V #63583
  3. (VHS) The Vault Collection No. 1, Red Skelton.TV

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