1960-10-11 Candidate
10.03 10/11/1960 "Clem the Candidate"Opening: About the mass, was on Dinah Shore last Sunday, shows vest with buttons on it, change for a hern, young candidate, shows stage hand with stool,Mime - Candidate appeal to all.Plot Synopsis by Hal EricksonIn a takeoff of the recent "Great Debates" between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, guest star William Demarest appears as Burnside, a big-city political boss. Casting about for pliable candidate to run in an upcoming election, Burnside selects that prominent vagabond Freddie the Freeloader (Red Skelton). First shown on October 11, 1960, this episode's highlight is a riotous TV interview show, in which Freddie thorougly confounds a David Susskind soundalikeGS: William DemarestVideo [1] [2]
  1. Unreleased
  2. The Collector Edition, Timeless

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