03/27/1961 - [TV ep. 10.18] "Deadeye & The Alamo"

1961-03-27 Alamo
GS: Cesar Romeo - Santa Ana, Adele Mara - Eleine

Opening: Cue cards mixed-up, Sweepstakes ticket, Jack Benny, Talk about being ill, operation

Mime: Little Old Man and a Little Boy at a test strength game.

Deadeye enters Santa Ana's camp to save the Alamo.

TV ep. 10.17 Freddie and the Baby > < TV ep. 10.19


America's Clown Prince (box set #63593), MM&V #63573

American's Clown Prince (box set yellow 3 disc), Timeless #64823

The Vault Collection No. 4, Red Skelton.TV

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