1961-06-13 Sick

06/13/1961 "Freddie Gets Sick"


Opening - Hospitals, Seagulls

Mime - Looking at a new baby.

Cast: Lyle Talbot - Dr. Norton, Joan Lahav - Nurse.

[TV] "Freddie Gets Sick" GS: Jackie Coogan - Dr. Benson, Jack Kirkwood - Muggsy

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Jackie Coogan makes another return visit to The Red Skelton Show. In the comedy sketch "Freddie Gets Sick," Coogan plays Dr. Benson of the City Board of Health. Hoping to close down the City Dump as a health menace, Benson finds that he has no grounds-especially since the dump's most famous residents, Freddie the Freeloader (Skelton) and Muggsy (Jack Kirkwood), have never had a sick day in their lives. There is nothing left to do but convince Freddie that he is at death's door. This episode aired June 13, 1961.--[DVD RS Unreleased 64364]

{Video }

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