12/26/1961 - [TV ep. 11.14] Appleby's Office Party

Harvey Korman on the Red Skelton Show04:34

Harvey Korman on the Red Skelton Show

GS: Marilyn Maxwell, Harvey Korman

Opening Jokes: Buck Rogers, Office, Mother-in-law, Returning gifts, Brother-in-law, Dean Martin.

Dance number: "We're Having a Party"

Appleby is hypnotised at a office party to be drunk when he tapped on the back and sober when he hears the word "wife".

Cast: Marilyn Maxwell - Clara, Harvey Korman - Artie, Frank Wilcox - Mr. Barker, Mina Martinez - Carmelita, Chris Whitman - Nancy

Note: Appleby's job is Fifth Assistant Cashier.

Video releaseEdit

[1], [2], [3]

TV ep. 11.13 Freddie and the Yuletide Doll > < TV ep. 11.15

  1. Red Skelton Christmas 2006 (Video release)
  2. DVD #64274
  3. Christmas, Timeless #67003

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