[TV] The Iceman GoethEdit

1962-02-20 Iceman Goeth
GS: Vivian Vance - Clara

Cast: Isabel Randolph - Mother

Plot Synopsis

by Hal Erickson

Former I Love Lucy regular Vivian Vance makes a return visit to The Red Skelton Show. In the comedy sketch "The Iceman Goeth," George Appleby (Red) seeks a cure for his wife Clara's hot temper (Vivian). The solution: A "freezing" machine that works instantly. Unfortunately, the thawing process is not quite as fast. This episode aired February 20, 1962.

{Video [1] [2]}

  1. America's Clown Prince (box set #63593), 63573
  2. (DVD) American's Clown Prince (box set yellow 3 disc), Timeless #64823

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