1962-03-13 Nine Lives

03/13/1962 "The Nine Lives of Freddie"


Opening - Armed teenagers, school, Mime - Policeman

Cast: Art Gilmore - Newscaster, Ray Kellogg - Policeman, Len Lesser - Big Mike, Warner Anderson - Sergeant

"The Nine Lives of Freddie"

GS: Warner Anderson - Sergeant

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
On this telecast from March 13, 1962, former Lineup star Warner Anderson again plays a cop in the comedy sketch "The Nine Lives of Freddie." While taking his daily nap on a park bench, Freddie the Freeloader (Red Skelton) witnesses the murder of Little Augie. At first accused of committing the crime himself, Freddie is placed under protective custody when the real culprit, Big Mike, threatens to bump him off. The closing gag finds Freddie trapping the villain all by himself-sort of

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