Appleby's Guarding Angel
Season 12, Episode 01, Program {{{program}}}
Air date 09/25/1962
Character George Appleby
Guest Star Harpo Marx - Angel/German WW I soldier
Virginia Grey - Clara
Mahalia Jackson - singer
Jack Benny - Cameo
Cast Billy Gray - Mr. Carmichael
Dyan Cannon - Clara the II
Jimmy Cross - American Officer
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Opening: (Red finds himself in the NBC studios). Prayer in school, Doctors shows, Population explosion, Freeway travel, Kennedy, Seagulls (This one's on the house)

Dance number: Clap Yo' Hands

Harp solo "Guarding Angel", Dancers dress up as Harpo angels.

Mahalia Jackson - Singer

  • "Come On Children", "I Asked the Lord".
Silent Spot
: WW I truce.

New hour show. Modernaires with Paula Kelly join.

Jack Benny presents 12 year in television award.


DVD [1]

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
On September 25, 1962, Red Skelton launched his 12th year in television with an expanded version of his long-running comedy/variety series. Reflecting the fact that Red now had an extra half-hour to play with, his show was rechristened The Red Skelton Hour. His guests on this occasion were comedian Harpo Marx and gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, both seen to excellent advantage. In the main comedy sketch, Harpo plays a bumbling guardian angel who is sent down from "Up There" to help henpecked husband George Appleby (Skelton) escape the wrath of his nagging wife Clara (Virginia Grey). Harpo also appears with Red in a new weekly segment, "The Silent Spot", wherein the two master clowns enact a pantomime sketch about a German and American soldier forming a fast friendship on the battlefields of WW1. Musical highlights included Harpo's harp solo "Guardian Angel" (his own composition), Mahalia Jackson's rousing "Come On, Children" and "I Asked the Lord, The Modernaires' "Clap Yo' Hands", and the ensemble production number "4:20 AM".

Video releaseEdit

Clip [2]

Ref Edit

  1. Harpo Marx on Television Volume 2
  2. Red Skelton Christmas Show (Video release)

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