TV ep. 12.13 Freddie and the Yuletide Doll

Title Of Mouth and Men
1963-01-01 Mouth
Airdate-Episode 01/01/1963 - TV ep. 12.15
Character Forsooth
Guest Star(s) Martha Raye - Cleopatra

Cold: Getting rid of Christmas Tree)

Drinking, Predictions, Seagulls

Mime: New Born Baby

Dance number: Cleopatra

Acts Farsooth (Nauseous) is a slave that Cleopatra loves but he does not love her.

Tommy Noonan - Ceasar, Jan Arvan - The Wazir, Benny Rubin - Abdul, Gil Struart - Antony

Music: Raye sings "Taking a Chance on Love", "Little Girl Blues", "Love Can Be"

Silent Spot: New Year's Hangover

Note/Video Clip from blue rehearse on the web.  {Video: [1] (with ads), [2] (with ads), [3] (with ads) [4]

TV ep. 12.15

The Red Skelton Show - Guest Martha Raye 1 609:40

The Red Skelton Show - Guest Martha Raye 1 6

Part 1/6. Other parts on YouTube

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