A Midsummer Nut's Dream
Season 12, Episode 30, Program 30
1963-05-07 Nut's Dream
Air date 05/07/1963
Character Clem Kadiddlehopper
Guest Star Keely Smith
Cast Skeltones
Skelton Dancers
Barbara Morrison - Miss Upnose
Peter Leeds - Mr. Fubish
Doris Singleton - Mrs. Lump-Lump
Episode guide
TV ep. 12.29
TV ep. 12.31

Cold opening: Arab

Opening: Doctors, diets, Elizabeth Taylor, Seagulls

Dance: Liszt

Clem's head becomes a musical instrument and becomes a big hit.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Songstress Keely Smith performs "One for the Road", "Where Is Love", "At Long Last Love" and "The End of a Love Affair", and joins Red Skelton in the comedy sketch "A Midsummer Nut's Dream." The premise: hillbilly Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) becomes a singing sensation, while his sweetheart Daisy June (Keely) pines away back on the farm. In the Silent Spot, Red performs a "Willie Lump Lump" routine with Doris Singleton as his wife; he's cold sober when she's in the room, drunk as a skunk when she isn't. This episode aired May 7, 1963.


(Video release) Unreleased, Timeless

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